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Eye care

Eyeglass Care

  • Try to remove the glasses from the case with both hands to avoid mishaps.
  • Remember to moisten the lenses before cleaning. This will prevent any dust particles from scratching the glass.
  • Do not leave eyeglasses near a heat source if the frame or lenses are made ​​of plastic.
  • Do not use household detergents to clean your glasses because they can damage the surface of glass.
  • When cleaning your glasses, you should hold them by the rim around the lens being cleaned to avoid creating structural tension in the frame.
  • Place eyeglasses always face up to avoid scratches on the glass.
  • Do not use wood-based (paper) tissues to wipe or clean your glasses. The use of a cleaning chamois for daily maintenance is recommended.
  • Whenever possible, keep your glasses in their case. It protects them while avoiding breakage, scratches or dust.
  • Avoid wearing glasses while applying spray-on lacquers or cologne, as these products can damage the material of the frame.