Contact lenses

We have the best contact lenses of the moment at your disposal. Regarding soft contact lenses, there are lenses for daily, monthly or conventional use, all with or without astigmatism and we also have the latest in multifocal contact lenses. That adjust to each customer’s life style in their different varieties.

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More for an occasional use or for people more exposed to less favourable atmospheres for the use of contact lenses, although they are advisable in all cases.


Today these are the best adapted for their excellent pros/cons relation.


Every day these are used less because, compared with the above, they have more disadvantages.

Semi-rigid Contact Lenses

They provide an excellent quality of vision, less risk of infections although they are not so comfortable. They are normally used in special cases.

Multi-focal contact lenses

Designed to neutralise the most common ametropies in patients who have reached a certain age, as in the case of presbyopia, they represent the ideal complement to progressive glasses.

With the multi-focal lenses we aim at obtaining a good view at all distances.


Orthokeratology is a non-surgical refractive therapy. Semi-rigid, gas permeable contact lenses are used to temporarily reduce refractive errors, and myopia in particular.

The treatment is safe and reversible, temporarily reshaping the cornea to correct near-sightedness. What’s more, these lenses prevent myopia getting worse.

These aren’t adapted conventional contact lenses, but rather a special treatment which requires the necessary equipment and a specially qualified optometrist to fit the lenses to your eyes. The optometrist will also follow the course of the patient’s treatment exhaustively.

Who is this treatment for?

People suffering from myopia of up to -6.00 dioptres and astigmatism of up to -1.75.

How long does it take to see properly?

It depends on how near-sighted you are. Many patients notice a major improvement in the very first days, with the refractive error disappearing completely in 1 to 2 weeks at the most.

Are there any risks?

No risks have been documented in clinical trials. The American FDA has declared these lenses to be both safe and effective, as long as you follow the optometrist’s instructions to the letter.