Eye aids & Prosthesis

Eye aids

An optic aid is an optic system formed by high power lenses which help people with reduced vision to take full advantage of the rest of their eyesight.

There are different types of Optic Aids. Each one will be adapted by specialists in Low Vision, depending on the remaining eyesight and the visual tasks the customer wants to perform.

Each Optic Aid will be used for a specific task: Microscope to read, Central telemicroscope to watch television, Inferior telemicroscope for sewing, Bioptic telemicroscope, Magnifying glass for reading shop prices, Filters to avoid glare…., among others.

Just as a hearing aid helps hearing, an eye aid helps the visual tasks. Its adaptation is always reversible. Not only does the use of Optic Aids not prejudice our sight but they keep it more active.

Types of Optic Aids:

  • Microscopes
  • Telescopes and Telemicroscopes
  • Magnifying glasses
  • Circuits
  • Filters


Top quality prosthesis, made individually according to each patient’s needs.

Study and execution, until a perfect adaptation is achieved.