Sports glasses

We have certified prescription glasses for football, basket ball, squash…

The sports glasses should fulfil a high functionality and have high quality lenses.

On bicycle, running, playing golf, tennis, paddle or in the mountains, the technical characteristics adapt to the individual needs and each type of sport.

We also have prescription glasses for swimming, underwater diving and other water sports.

Why do you need sports protection

There are many people today who practice some type of sport. Just as we wear specific clothing and footwear, helmets, wristbands, knee pads and other elements to protect ourselves, we should now pay special attention to protecting the most vulnerable areas of our body. Eyes are, without doubt, one of the areas of greatest risk and which require the most protection.

Graded sun protection

For open air sports, eye sun protection has become an essential element even with minimum sunlight conditions, added to protection against wind and different elements which could obstruct our vision, such as insects, dust, etc. it is essential to protect our eyes with Sun Protection Glasses. We offer an individualised eye solution with the possibility of grading them to suit the needs of each user.