Technical Lenses

Just as we use different footwear in order to go on a mountain outing or to visit the beach, it is important to know that there are different technical lenses for different situations which will help you not to strain or tire your eyes.

These types of glasses are especially useful for people over the age of 40 who suffer from presbyopia (also known as “tired eyes”), however they can also be used by anyone. There are also a series of special filters which are fitted in the glasses themselves or specific non-magnification lenses.

Depending on their use, technical lenses can be classified into groups for:

Office use

Designed for those who spend all day staring at a computer screen, whose main aim is to alleviate eye strain. Also, they reduce the cumulative stress caused by continuous close-up viewing. At the same time, they offer greater postural comfort as you do not need to move your head as much. It is important to highlight that these types of glasses are not suitable for driving.

Driving, hunting and golf

In these cases, the lenses are designed to offer broader vision at medium and long distances, therefore it is difficult to use them to read small text in low-light. They are ideal for driving or activities such as golf and hunting.


They can be used for both medium and long-distance sight as well as near vision. They are perfect for a large number of sports and outdoor activities. For example, someone who does hiking will be able to precisely see any distant objects, yet also look at a compass.

Professional aids

These are perfect for surgeons, dentists, watchmakers or similar professions. This is an aid located on the bottom part of the glasses which enables these professionals to work with great precision.

Young people

Astly, there is a specific type of lenses for young people under the age of 40 without presbyopia which will generally help them to strain their eyes less.